Georgia Business Directory 


Georgia BD ( is an online business directory that features local and small businesses and service providers in Georgia, USA.  With thousands of small businesses around the state, competition is fierce and the chance of getting noticed by potential customers is becoming harder and expensive. This is exactly why is here.


We provide the needed online presence of local small businesses that do not have the extra funding for online marketing and promotions. By listing your business or services at, you get the chance to be noticed by your potential customers who are browsing the web to buy products or avail of services.


Free Online Service for Georgia Businesses is a new but fastest-growing business directory created in 2011 to provide the most comprehensive business directory for the entire state of Georgia. Our aim is to provide Georgia residents a comprehensive one-stop online directory of various businesses that stir the state’s economy.


Since our inception, we have grown to become among the top online Georgia business directories. Our difference is that we provide this online listing for FREE. No hidden charges, no set-up cost, no renewal fees, whatsoever. Everything is free so that business owners won’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars for their online presence.


And we don’t just list business names, we make sure customers can find your business address and contact numbers for a successful business transaction.


Every listing at is composed of the following: 


               - Business name and contact person

               - Business address and contact numbers

               - Website and email addresses

               - Google map of your location

               - One-page website for your products or services


If you avail of business listing in other website, you will be charge up to $1,000. But gives you this advantage for FREE. All you have to do is sit down for not more than 5 minutes and input details of business.


Expert and Friendly Team 


The people behind are residents of the state of Georgia. That means we have the knowledge and insider information about the business climate of the state and how local businesses need online presence.


Our team is composed of expert programmers, SEO professionals, and online marketing experts who know how to better promote online so that your roofing business or carpet cleaning service will come up on the first page of search engines when your potential customers look for such services.


About Georgia 


At least 16 Fortune 500 firms and 24 Fortune 1000 corporations are based in Georgia. Aside from that, the state also has more than 1,500 internationally-headquartered facilities of companies from 43 countries. Overall, the different companies in the state are employing more than 115,000 Georgians.


Among the big companies that are headquartered in Georgia are Coca-Cola, UPS, and Delta Air Lines,. The state's total capital investment is valued at $22.7 billion.


Due to the business-friendly climate of the state and the millions of tourists who flock to Georgia every year, residents have engaged in small businesses ranging from grocery stores, flower shops, plumbing and electrical works, car rentals,  travel agencies, and more.


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