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Holistic Health Center, P.C.
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We offer Gentle Holistic Chiropractic Care which specializes in natural healthcare. This is considered treatment without drugs which can help eliminate health problems as well as prevent them. The outcome of treatment is to restore normal function to the body. Once normal function is restored, many health related problems are frequently resolved. Many people believe it is normal to have headaches, back pain, digestive problems, allergies, fatigue, trouble sleeping or even have trouble losing weight. Although common, these symptoms are not normal and are a sign that the body is not functioning normally. If left uncorrected these symptoms may lead to more serious conditions. Gentle chiropractic care can help. We are a Holistic Chiropractic Center in Alpharetta. Our Holistic Chiropractor is Dr. Michael Dellaria. We look at the whole body and all aspects of the body and how they relate to one another using a holistic chiropractic approach.


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