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Our mission at Sunshine Pediatrics is to provide comprehensive, up-to-date, coordinated and standardized care with a global vision that can cater to the diverse, multicultural needs of Forsyth County. As a board certified pediatrician with experience, Dr. Chunduri can provide services that this rapidly growing community needs and prevent overcrowding and delays in medical care. Our goal is to establish a patient centered medical home, where care is coordinated and children receive wellness care, anticipatory guidance and care for acute illnesses, all under one roof. When your child is ill, we will work tirelessly to treat your loved one as quickly as possible. By offering weekdays, after hours and weekend appointments, Sunshine Pediatrics stays committed to caring for your child's health needs. Our care for your child begins before (s)he arrives into this world, with prenatal consultations and will continue through infancy and early childhood by tracking your child's developmental milestones, monitoring nutritional, growth and developmental stages. At Sunshine Pediatrics, we will continue to care for the growing teen to ensure physical, social and emotional health, guiding a smooth transition into adulthood. Sunshine Pediatrics also offers Travel Clinic services, where you can receive prophylactic immunizations, medications and information regarding current health issues related to specific international destinations. Dr. Chunduri hails from Hyderabad, India, where she completed medical school. She trained in pediatrics at Florida State University and has over 9 years of pediatric experience. She is passionate about Preventive Medicine, School Performance of Children and Child Nutrition.


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